Click on the "sign up" buttons on our website, you will be taken to a sign up page, fill out the required information carefully (wrong data can affect your success on the platform). Bogus and multiple accounts are not allowed, one person one account, Penalties will be given to defaulters.  


After registering you will be required to complete your account verification (email and phone number verification) in 24 Hours and then invest in the currency of your choice. Ensure you have the stipulated currency before SIGN UP. We require ALL participants to have a Neteller,Skrill,Paypal,Google Wallet or Perfect Money account, and as well have an activate mobile banking available(this enables quick transaction as a time duration is given for payments ) , failure to pay on time after approval will result to your investment application being deleted and your account suspended for 10day(s). Communication about the payment, rejection and approval is between you and the payee only, ignore messages from third parties (scammers are on the prowl). Always check your dashboard before making payments to confirm who you are really paying to, because you may be suspended (for 10day(s)) if you don't meet the deadline. NO REFUNDS AFTER PAYMENTS.

Every new investment in any currency must be 10% more than the previous.


Once your investment has been paid and confirmed by another member, it begins to grow for 1 day(s).

TEAM Betta Fund